Dream for Australia – Contemplation on 26th Jan 2020

Today brings about contemplation of the wonderfulness that could be for us here in Australia.

What we could have is an Australia whose people are united in a strong and unwavering belief that we are all accepted and we all belong. 

A nation who’s so connected with each other that our multiple histories become our combined history.  An island-wide community where First Nations history, the colonial history, and all other histories here, merge to show our collective history. 

A place where all our cultures live in peaceful harmony and in complete respect of one another. Where our similarities and differences are celebrated because they make our culture so rich and full and thriving.

We could be a country with a unified people who acknowledge all of the past, for the good and the bad. With people who stand here now knowing what we know. Knowing what we don’t want and therefore being empowered with the knowing of what we do want for us and our country. And a commitment to each other to forever be focussed on, and moving towards, an Australia we really want while being compassionate, kind and patient for the healing processes taking place.

I dream of an Australia where ALL Australian citizens are focused on the wonderful creation of tomorrow, together!

Do you share this dream too? Please let me know in the comment section.

Until next time… Much love, joy and peace to you!

What Australia could be and what we could create if...

Feature image photo by Karyme França from Pexels with modifications by Louise O’Reilly

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