The Day We United In Dance

The 1st December 2019 marked a very special day for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across Australia. It was the first time we, as First Nations Peoples of this land, have united in a simultaneous action with spiritual intent.

The nation was called to act by fellow Aboriginal Rights Activist, Alwyn Doolan.

The call was simple and yet so profound. For all the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mobs to dance their traditional dances on country at 12pm local Queensland time on December 1st.

This simple call-to-action sparked a viral show of support and commitment to act.

Dance is fundamental to the sharing, maintenance and development of our culture. It’s power, and stories educate, protect, celebrate & keep us strong among so many more purposes.

The intention of this dance, named ‘Nation Dance’ had clear spiritual intentions.

“Dance for our people

Dance for our land

Dance for our trauma

Dance for our justice

Dance for our children

Dance for our creator”

-Allwyn Doolan

It wasn’t linked with any campaigns or political agendas. It was linked with unity, solidarity and oneness as First Nations People.

While we have different tribes across the continent with differing lore and traditions; with differing songs and dances; with different traditional dress, body paintings and instruments; we all shared something in common.

We’re united in our want for healing; in our want for justice; in our want for environmental protection; in our want for cultural and spiritual connection; and in our want for our children to thrive.

Our dance brings that all together.

The unity offered by this simple act brought on a frenzy of excitement among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community across 400+ individual nations. Local leaders from east-west and north-to-south, organised community dance practises and their main events on their countries.

Thousands of First Nations People participated in a united Nation Dance, with many First Nations allies watching in support.

It brought out our respected Elders, our community leaders, our friends our family and our children. Nationwide, we dance as one people, as one mob.

Our intentions were the same and we dance to those intentions in our uniquely traditional ways.

On the 1st December, we stomped the ground in a synchronised act based in love & connection. We reconnected and reopened songlines that have been closed for some time.

On this day, we woke the land that has been lying dormant, we have awoken the spirits of the land. The land that had been waiting for us to be ready. This dance was a demonstration that we are ready.

Just you wait and see what happens next!

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Warmest regards

Louise O’Reilly

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