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A Woman’s Journey to Empowerment

This book is a collection of powerful stories from women leaders who’ll inspire you to break the mold, take your power back and give yourself permission to live your best life.

In it, I share my journey through unbearable racism through to a purpose-driven mission to create a more inclusive world.

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Chapter Synopsis – Inclusive Ripples & Changing the World

Join me, an Aboriginal identifying woman with white skin, as I share my experiences of racism and exclusion in Australia growing up. Hear how daily experiences had me questioning my identity and where I belonged if not in my own country. Then find out how a magical moment and a critical self-crumbling turned that trauma into a deep and powerful purpose to transform the world into a more inclusive one for all.

Chapter Reviews

Angela Henderson – Business Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Podcaster 

What a powerful chapter by Louise O’Reilly on a journey to inclusion ripples and changing the world.

A chapter that captures a heartfelt story of her experience of not belonging, to deciding to make change and create an impact that will last for centuries to come.

From powerless in accepting racism as per of her everyday life, to creating power. To creating momentum. To creating change. Louise is a force to be reckon with.

So often as humans, we create a story that in order to make any significant changes in our lives, we must first accomplish extravagant acts, but Louise gently reminds the reader that this is not the case. Louise is able to explain that

social change doesn’t have to be loud, bold or confronting…. it can be gentle, warm and inviting – reminding the reader that change can be created on their terms.

From simple things, big things grow; leading to remarkable results.

This chapter teaches the importance of having a voice. Creating your own power. And actively choosing to make an impact.

Angela Henderson – Business Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Podcaster from Angela Henderson Consulting

Nicola Chung

Nicola Chung is a Soul-led Branding, Strategist and Business Coach at www.NikChung.com

The Co-Authors

Here are the co-authors. To visit their websites and find out the amazing things they are doing in the world, click their image below.

Connect with Robyn and she shares a crucial element of her own personal journey. During this time Robyn encountered crippling self doubt, shameful insecurity, and overwhelming fear. Hear how a significant trauma, was the turning point in her self discovery journey. And how the art of healing herself brought her back to a foundation of love, where her broken, dysfunctional relationship could flourish into partnership, ease and long term happiness.

This story will take you back into the life of a young girl that at the age of only 10, had to deal with death, negativity and unnecessary traumas. From a life of hate and lost hope, she stepped into young adulthood dealing with the fast life of partying and rock n roll.. while she had 3 jobs and a study, she knew she was making changes in the way she did things differently than others. As whatever came her way, she saw it as an opportunity to learn, to observe and commit to change. Committed to her goals, determination for success and going outside the comfort zone are nowadays a deeply engraved part of Monica Alfing’s spirit and life. And so despite the hurdles and darkness of life she believes that you can always turn your life around, and achieve your biggest dream, desires and goals.

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing some of the co-authors, here are some of the interviews.

There are some amazing women who have been through taken their challenges head-on and now have bragging rights to these fantastic personal bios.

Christine is an Intuitive Mentor and KunYin Feminine Energy in Motion teacher residing on the Far South Coast of NSW. Her energetic healing journey began after going through her own tough, painful stresses and traumas. She is motivated and inspired to support others in their journey to healing and happiness.

Christine sees what others don’t. She has a very strong connection to the Universe/Creator and helps others heal and let go of what is no longer serving them. With Christine’s help, rediscover what gives you passion and lights you up inside through energetic healing, meditation, essential oils, and movement.

Discover your peace with clarity on what brings you joy and live it

Nyree Johnson is an award-winning Central Queensland based small business owner passionate about business, women in business and her community. Nyree leverages her corporate career in parallel to her small business experience to connect with others, collaborate and celebrate successes. 

Passionate about supporting her regional community, you’ll find Nyree involved in many different organisations and causes across her region. 

With an intense focus on empowering those around her, supporting her community, and demonstrating the benefits of diversity and equality, Nyree works to instil and inspire confidence, promote resilience and enable success now and into the future. 

You’ll find Nyree speaking, advocating, and writing to share her story, experiences, and knowledge with others. Her heart-driven tough-love approach as a small business owner sees her ‘keep it real’ regarding small business management and strategy. 

Nyree is the creator of ‘So you want to start a business’, a simple and effective workbook to help you get clear on your objectives and goals. She has been featured in many print and digital publications, podcasts and interviews. 

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