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Welcome to the home of Louise O’Reilly

The place where allies of Aboriginal people, the BIPOC community, and other marginalised groups can get support and training on how to show up as the best ally they can be!


Inclusion, diversity and anti-racism coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs and business owners who are comfortable being coached through the power of the feminine energy.

If you’re ready to start unpacking your biases, your privilege and the culture of your business to be an active change-making ally… I’m ready to coach and mentor you through it. Book a 15min clarity call with me so I can assess the best package for you.


The truth is, anti-racism and inclusion work isn’t all about listening and learning from marginalised communities… it’s also about the actions you take in your life and business and being an active ally.

Join my membership here and I’ll give you direct, tangible, actionable things you can do every month to embody being a real ally and an effective advocate for inclusion, diversity, and equality.  I teach you how to ACTUALLY make a difference in the world and not just dream of the difference.

There are 3 membership tiers to choose from.

Online Courses

Everything you need to know about creating inclusive spaces, sparking genuine diversity, and how to be an amazing ally is in my online courses.

Learn how to harness your power and privilege to create positive social change and dismantle the oppressive systems in our society in an innovative way that’s driven by the power of high frequency inspiration. All courses can be found in my learning academy.

The latest FREEBIES for business owners:

FREE WEBINAR: Creating Safer Spaces for Aboriginal People in Online Group Programs

DOWNLOADABLE CHECKLIST: 15 simple ways to be more inclusive in business

DOWNLOADABLE: 50x Uncovering Unconscious Bias Journal Prompts

I will do EVERYTHING in my power to change the world so my babies don’t have to experience the discrimination, racism and exclusion I experienced growing up.

Louise O’Reilly

About Me

Before all else, I’m a mum. And I’m a Warrwa-Noongar woman who is extremely dissatisfied with the status quo. I refuse to sit back and do nothing while I watch the discrimination, the racism, the bigotry, the oppression of Aboriginal people and other marginalised communities. No, no, no. This mumma bear’s out to protect her cubs and the lion in me is gonna make sure the world IS changed before I leave it.

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  • louiseoreilly.shieldandconch@gmail.com

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