Acknowledgment of Country Masterclass

Learn how to craft a heartfelt Acknowledgment, from an Aboriginal woman.

Acknowledgment of Country can be such a beautiful way to share and show respect to the custodians of the land where your business is based. Acknowledging the custodial role and contributions that Aboriginal people & culture have made (and continue to make) in that place is very special.

But it can go soooo wrong.

You’ve seen them…The Acknowledgements of Country that are written straight off a template. The ones that are there to tick the box. The ones that are there to seem like they respect and value Aboriginal people and culture.

Those Acknowledgments are icky and we can see right through them. There’s no heart, no connection, and you can feel there’s no real-ness to them.

You, on the other hand, would love to show your respect and appreciation of Aboriginal People and culture in an Acknowledgment of Country for your business… But you don’t want one of those icky ones.

💖 You want one that is real and genuinely articulates your appreciation and respect.

💖 You want one that is heartfelt and shows it’s deeper than ticking a box.

💖 You want one that expresses your respect in a way that is more YOU.But fear of saying the wrong thing, causing harm, sounding silly, or seeming tokenistic or performative is stopping you from putting pen to paper and creating one.

> This is where I can help you <

As an Aboriginal woman and a Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Coach, I can walk you through every step of creating an Acknowledgment of Country that is meaningful and more aligned to you and your business.

Watch my 1hr Acknowledgment of Country Masterclass where I’ll teach you:

  • How to know what Aboriginal country you’re on- What could and should be included in it- How to craft it into a meaningful heartfelt way
  • How you can ensure it’s not seen as tokenistic or performative
  • How to add your own magic language into it
  • What to do to make it consistent with your business brand
  • How to make it a natural part of your business and its evolution
  • What positivity this means for your clients and followers

The best part is you’ll know exactly how to write a meaningful Acknowledgment of Country from start to finish that is authentic and aligned with you and who you are and your heart-centered business.

After attending this masterclass, your Acknowledgement of Country will practically write itself 👌

If you’re saying YES, YES, YES to all of this, sign up to get the replay of my masterclass.

✨The 1hr masterclass was on 18th November and it was phenomenal! ✨

If you want to have access to the replay you can right here

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I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!!!

What’s appropriate to go into an Acknowledgment of Country

What is and isn’t appropriate to include in an Acknowledgment of Country can be the difference between sharing one or being fearful of doing something wrong. I will clear this up and share exactly what to put in an Acknowledgment in the Masterclass.

How to avoid sounding tokenistic in an Acknowledgment of Country

You really want to include and Acknowledgment of Country in your business but you don’t want it to seem tokenistic or performative. In the masterclass I’ll share what you can do to ensure your Acknowledgment won’t be tokenistic.

Aligning an Acknowledgment of Country with you & your business

Don’t let your Acknowledgment of Country stick out like a sore thumb in your business. In the Masterclass, learn how to craft your Acknowledgment in a way that aligns with you and your business so it’s a seamless and natural flowing inclusion into your business.

Let’s make something beautiful & meaningful together.

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