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Creating Inclusion in Business Workshop

I warmly invite you to participate in my Free 3-day Creating Inclusion in Business workshop. Over the 3-part workshop I’ll teach you about inclusive business culture, bringing unconscious biases to the surface where you can assess its alignment with you, your values and your business. Plus I’ll be sharing Inclusive actions you can take in your business straight away to increase it’s inclusivity in an integral, authentic and respectful way. -Louise O’Reilly, Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal Woman, Inclusion & Diversity Coach-Course Creator

Video 1- Inclusion & Business Culture

Join me on Video 1 of Creating Inclusion in Business Workshop as I share what Inclusion & Inclusion in business is. We work through some of the common fears that heart-centered entrepreneurs have around the topic of inclusion and allyship of mariginaised people, and I share what makes up culture so you can mindfully create an inclusive culture in your business.

Your Video 1 Inclusion-work worksheet can be downloaded from here.

Video 2- Learning & Unlearning Inclusivity

In Video 2, I teach you about unconscious biases, social conditioning and how some of the beliefs we have deep in our sub-conscious don’t align with you, your values or your business. This is where you can choose to unlearn some of those stories, associations and biases, and learn more inclusive ways of thinking in business.

Your Video 2 Inclusion-work worksheet can be downloaded from here.

Video 3- Inclusive Action in Business

Video 3 of the creating inclusion in business workshop is…inclusion GOLD!!! In video 3, you’ll combine everything you’ve learned over the last 2 days of the workshop and put it into action. I share a list of simple things you can implement into your business to make it more inclusive. Inclusion isn’t created through intention alone. It’s created through inclusive-intention, backed by inclusive-action. So go and create those ripple of inclusion in the world through your business.

Your Video 3 Inclusion-work worksheet can be downloaded from here.

What’s next?

Ok, you’ve watched all three workshop videos and you’re totally loving what I’m putting down. The next step from this, is working with me in my 4-week 1:1 program to create your inclusive business. Because we’ll be working closely together on your business, I’ll be able to guide and give you specific action steps to create inclusion in your business that are unique to it and will create the greatest inclusive impact.

What’s included?

  • 4 weeks of inclusion mentoring and coaching and support from me
  • 4 training video released weekly to stimulate your growth and understanding of inclusion and diversity
  • 4x 1hr calls with me on zoom done weekly
  • Optional: A workbook to aid integration and embodiment of the training videos and your 1:1 sessions

What are the benefits of an inclusive business?

  • You learn how to identify marginalised people in your niche who you have been unintentionally been excluding. In the 1:1 program with me, we will also create ways you can included them in a practical and intentional sense.
  • People will see you walk your talk about being inclusive. When your words match your actions, you attract clients and customers with your authentic inclusivity. People who align with your values want to work with you. In the 1:1 program, I mentor you through the creation of your very own Business Inclusivity Action Plan which’ll have simple, practical and tangible actions that you and your unique business can take to make sure you are showing up inclusively.
  • It helps your build client, customer and staff loyalty. Your business steps into the space of socially conscious business and it becomes an active participant in the co-creation of a more inclusive and compassionate world. People want to be spending their money with businesses who actively contribute to the innovation of a more accepting, loving, and inclusive world. They will buy from you, refer others to you, and advocate for you. As will your team. They believe in your vision for the future and will support you because they know it supports the shared vision you have too. In the 1:1 program I coach you through to the clarity of your vision based on your individualism and teach you how to build your business around the foundations of your inclusive vision.

Let’s make it easy for you to create that inclusive business you really want? Sign up to my 4-week 1:1 Create an Inclusive Business program.

The investment is $900 AU. We start when you’re ready to take the next step in your business inclusion journey.

FYI it’s my birthday month so if you use the coupon code birthday34 when you purchase the program through THIS link, you’ll get the 4-week-program for $594 AU. (Coupon expires on 30th June 2021).

4-week 1:1 Create an Inclusive Business Program


Let’s build your Inclusive Business together?

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