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For compassionate CEO’s, business leaders and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

F*$k the status quo.

You’re here to be a socially responsible CEO!

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    Do you want to be actively inclusive in your service-based business but not sure how to?

    In my free 3-day workshop let’s release the every-day systemic oppression (aka the status quo of business) that excludes and limits marginalises people.

    What you’ll gain:

    • Confidence to speak about inclusion. You’ll get strategies to know what’s appropriate for you to say and how to say it so you don’t cause offence.
    • Fulfillment because you’ll be taking inclusive action. You’ll get a process for inclusive actions you can take that creates positive impact.
    • Clarity on how you fit in the conversation. You’ll get a blueprint customised specifically for you and your business.

    Let me guide you to be the compassionate CEO you were born to be. Now’s the time to step into your entrepreneurial power.

    Uplevel your business to be inclusive, equitable, and accessible in a way that positively impacts the world.

    BONUS- For LIVE attendees only, I’ll be giving away a 1:1 coaching session with me each day of the workshop!

    You’ll go from being confused how to be inclusive and being frustrate with your inaction…

    To being a powerfully inclusive CEO who positively impacts your clients & the world while attracting dream clients.

    Take my hand, I’ll show you how. Are you in?

    This workshop is for you if…

    You’re a compassionate change-maker

    You can see how business practices in society are discriminatory & oppressive and you hate the thought of the business world continuing along this path. You’re drawn to be part of the change.

    You acknowledge your privilege

    You’re an entrepreneur who knows they’re full of white privilege. You know it can be used to create positive change but you’re not sure how to harness it through your business.

    You value business leadership

    You’re so done with the status quo of business and the patriarchal system it’s built on. You’re ready to be a socially conscious and responsible CEO who takes ownership in directing an inclusive business.

    Inclusion in business is not a nicety. It’s fierce social leadership that takes ownership of the world we are creating through our businesses

    Louise O’Reilly

    What the workshop gives you

    1The process you need to move out of feeling unsure what you can say, into knowing exactly how you can appropriately and respectfully contribute to conversations around inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

    2The steps you need to know to get you out of being frozen with fear of getting it wrong and into comfortable and confident inclusive and socially responsible action.

    3Strategies how you can avoid confrontation or causing offence and how you can manage them respectfully if they do occur.

    4A guide to identifying the marginalised sector of your niche and how you can inclusively support them with your business systems and culture.

    5A strategic business process that supports inclusion and organically attracts diversity in your business.

    About me, your workshop facilitator

    If you don’t already know me, my name is Louise O’Reilly. I’m a Warrwa Noongar Aboriginal woman and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a mum, a wife, and an Inclusion & Diversity in Business coach, course creator and membership space holder.

    I’m an international speaker and a co-author of the book “A Woman’s Journey to Empowerment”. In my past life, I’ve been a radio host, a freelance writer for Amnesty International Australia, the National Youth Week Regional Representative and a Miss NAIDOC Perth finalist.

    I have a lifetime of experiences with discrimination and exclusion in the Australian context and I’m ready to share my knowledge, experiences, and strategies to support socially conscious entrepreneurs to become the socially responsible CEO and business leader they were born to be.

    I’m honoured that so many entrepreneurs have placed their trust in me to be their guide along their journey of inclusion in business and I look forward to finding out how I can support you in your journey too.

    Xx Louise

    This is your last chance to sign up.

    Are you ready to be a socially responsible CEO?


    How long are the recordings avaliable for?

    They are available to watch until 29th November 2021.

    Do I need to be a business owner to benefit from the workshop?

    The workshop is designed to support business owners embody socially responsible and inclusive practices into there business, however people who are employed can benefit from attending to advocate for inclusion in their workplaces.

    Will we be doing activities or is it a straight presentation in each recording?

    I will be guiding you through activities and getting you to engage in the workshop. Inclusion in business is extremely bespoke. You can’t provide a cookie-cutter approach because your and your business is unique.

    Will it work for me?

    Yes, it works because I know you are unique, your business is unique, as are your values, and the mission you have here in the world. My processes and strategies are created to be completely customisable to you and your individual circumstances.

    Is it ok if I share this workshop registration page so my business owner communities can register to receive the recordings too?

    Absolutely. Please do! This is something I’m giving to the business owner community as a gift and by you sharing it, you’re helping me share that gift even wider so thank you!

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