Driven to Change the World

Drawing this doodle has brought me to tears. It’s a drawing of my sons and the world. This is my why.

Growing up I found it tough to feel like I belonged or that I was accepted. My identity was subject to overt criticism, discrimination, and unfair prejudice daily. And it still is.

While some of it was direct and purposeful, the massive majority of it was unintentional. And truthfully, I’m not sure which one hurt more. The intentional one that purposefully meant to cause you harm… or the unintentional one that didn’t mean to cause harm but exposed their deep-rooted beliefs to me.

Racism, exclusion, and oppression are something that I’ve experienced every day of my life. In 2020, that hasn’t changed.

As a child, it told me I wasn’t good enough, and I wasn’t worthy enough. It told me I was lesser than others, and that I wasn’t an ideal or good human. I learned there was a hierarchy in society and I was very near the bottom.

It made me feel ashamed of who I am and my identity. I made me feel ashamed of being me!

For me, identity wasn’t a choice but rather something that was imprinted on my heart.

I tried to be the ideal human, certainly, my appearance could support it to a degree. I could sit higher on the hierarchal ladder with it. I could deny the discrimination because it wouldn’t be associated with my chosen identity. But what I found was, not being the real me, was more harmful than anything that anyone was dish out against me. Because not being me meant I disapproved and didn’t accept myself.

I got to a point when I had to drop the charade.

I would rather be me and be oppressed than pretend to be someone I’m not and be imprisoned within myself.

As an adult, I’m working through my traumas and the intergenerational traumas attached to me.

They will be gone one day, but for now, they still exist. And they remain for good reason.

Today the traumas serve a purpose in my life. They serve as a reminder of the pain that caused when you, your identity, and your culture are continuously excluded and discriminated against. And it drives me to change the world in any way I can, so my children don’t have to go through what I did. So they don’t have to experience the world in the way I did.

So they NEVER have to experience the pain of not loving or accepting themselves as I did.

I’m a mum trying to change the world so my children can experience a more inclusive society. One where they will never feel the need to deny who they are in their hearts. A community that nurtures a culture of acceptance and inclusion of all its members. And a place where we can all confidently say, I’m free to be me!

One of the most prominent contributors that impacted me was how our society uses language both intentionally and unintentionally. The first way I want to start nurturing our society into a more inclusive one is by talking and teaching about inclusive language. And about culturally inclusive language specifically.

I’m giving to anyone that wants to learn more about inclusive language, a 5-day course at no cost. It’ll be 5-days of inclusive language foundation building in a Facebook group. There I will deliver FB lives to you daily for 5 days on the daily topic. There will be extra information and resources there too. The 5-day introduction to culturally inclusive language course will be a prerequisite into a paid course. In that course, you’ll go deeper into understanding inclusive language, how you can become self-aware of your own language, and what you can do to join me in creating this much-needed change in our society, our systems, and our culture.

To sign up for the free 5-day course, all I ask is that you sign up on my email list. That way I can send you new blogs, articles, and resources about inclusive language. I can also share new online learning opportunities as well as other content from my business which focuses on personal, spiritual, and business development. Of course, if you don’t like what I send you, you always have the option of unsubscribing.

So what do you say? Do you want a more inclusive world too? Do you want to be part of making this social change too?

If your answer was yes, write “Free to be me” in the comments and I’ll send the details to you. The Facebook group open on 24th May 2020 (Day 1 is 25th May 2020).

Sign Up Here!

I look forward to making this change together 😊

Cover image Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

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