3 Massive Benefits to an Inclusive Business

Let’s be real, we all know it’s a kind thing to do to consciously create an inclusive business but do many small business owners know the benefits of having an inclusive business.  I thought I’d put together a short list of benefits just for you.

1.      More people will be attracted to your business

Now this may seem like a pretty obvious benefit but there’s a little more to it.  By consciously taking action to be more inclusive in your business, not only will people from more diverse background and communities feel comfortable to doing business with you, but I’ll bring a new group of people with privilege to your business too.  You see, the consumer is becoming more and more consciously aware of the types of businesses they are spending their money with.  These people are good people with big hearts and they want to support businesses that support the inclusion of marginalised people.  When your businesses model is based on being inclusive in the most genuine way, a swell of new customers and clients come your way.  They are attracted to the good energy of your business and the positivity you are creating in the world. By being more inclusive in your small business, you will open your business up to reaching markets, you never even knew existed.

2.      Inclusion & Diversity lead to the most innovative and leading-edge businesses

Many businesses have a diversity plan or strategy for business. As small businesses, this plan may only exist inside your head. I get it.  That’s totally fine.  The big misunderstanding that businesses have is that there can’t be authentic diversity in a business unless there’s inclusion first. Without that inclusive space created, there’s no space for diversity. Not in a real sense anyway.  The benefit of having diversity within your customer database and within your team is it contributes to you and your business’s creation of a mastermind entity. I know this sound pretty strange but hear me out.  Whenever you need answers to a problem or question you have, the diversity of people in your business community will contribute broader, deeper, and richer feedback to you.  This feedback from your team and from your customers or clients will bring with it a much vaster range of experience, wisdom and knowledge because of the diversity of cultures, identities, and experiences. This beautiful conglomerate of feedback forms what’s called a mastermind… mistressmind (coined by my buisness coach- Leticia Ringe)… or communitymind (this my attempt at a non-gendered word).  This allows your business access to the most innovative and leading-edge ideas and solutions for your business in every context.

3.      Inclusiveness transforms business from 2-Dimentional into 3-Dimentional business

Gone are the days when a business can thrive as a 2-dimentionl business.  Saying, this is my business and this is what is sell doesn’t cut it with consumers anymore. In today’s business world, your business needs to be at least 3-dimensional to gain traction in business at all.  There are other dimensions to business but that’s for a later blog. Adding that 3rd dimension to your business can be broken down as simply as saying, “this is my business, this is what I sell, and this is who I am”.  Sharing who you are is the juicy stuff that builds the know, like and trust stuff that business gurus are always talking about.  The consumer wants to get to know who you are. More accurately they want to know what your values are, what your vision is, what drives you, and how you deliver all of it through your business. Why do they want to know all this? Because they want to find out if your values, your beliefs and the way your conduct yourself is in alignment with them.  People do business with people they feel aligned with. It’s that simple. What this has to do with inclusion is whether it’s linked with your value system or not.  Do you value diversity, inclusion, equality, unity, or oneness? How is this being presented and nurtured in your business.  How are you sharing your beliefs around these values with your clients though your business? You are not separate from your business and people know how you are by the way you run your business.  Consciously learning about and taking action to create more inclusion in your business is a tell-tale-sign of goodness within you to value, love and respect all people.

These are just three reason how you and your business will directly benefit from being more inclusive in business. What I haven’t mentioned here is the huge benefits it will have on your community and the human collective as a whole.  The impact you create in your business in supporting inclusion will continuously ripple out in beautiful and divinely mysterious ways.  There are no ends to the benefits of being more inclusive brings for all people.

If you’ve found this inspiring and want your business to be an inclusive one, come and join the Inclusion Creators Collective membership. You can find out more about it here.

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