Mixed Race Misfit to Inclusive Training for Small Business

I’ve never really felt like I fit in.  What made me, me was a combination of my Scandinavian/white Australian heritage and my Aboriginal heritage.  I knew inside me, it was a beautiful and harmonious mix of love, and cultural richness. 

Unfortunately, the outside world didn’t see it that way.

I was one of many people that had no place. That belonged nowhere.

This so hugely painful and confusing growing up.  It led to much suffering, self-torment and identity challenges.

The messages I received from the world around me is that I was not ok. I was not accepted. That I way strange and unwanted. That I didn’t belong because in some way I was wrong.

Well I was wrong…Wrong for believing those messages!

It’s true. I am a misfit. 

But I’m not a misfit because I’m not like everyone else. I’m a misfit because I am like me.

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I fully accept my unique and quirky misfit-ted-ness

I completely embrace my uniqueness, my quirkiness, and all those little things that make me, ME!

I love, cherish and accept the beautiful mixture of cultures and heritages in me. I accept and embrace it all.  I am me and it’s taken many years to uncover the real me hiding under all that shame.

That little girl who was forever seeking acceptance from others is now being held and nurtured by me.  I do not require acceptance or approval from anyone outside of me.

Who I am, may still not be socially accepted in the world. I’m still, one of many people who are marginised daily in our society…

But I stand in my power, in my sovereignty, and in my knowing and say with conviction


Louise O’Reilly

My journey is one of a sea of other people who are marginalised, excluded, and segregated by the oppressive systems, and social normal-ty we have here in Australia and in many other colonised places.

I’m committed to changing this. 

Bit-by-bit, I’m teaching kind compassionate and heart-centered people about the oppressive systems in our communities, in our businesses, and in ourselves. I teach about unconscious biases, social conditioning, and privileged and how to free themselves form it. I teach people how they can be part of the co-creation of a world loving, accepting and inclusive world.

I’m running a free 4-day training & challenge series for small business owners who want to create more inclusion in their business.  I invite you to join me here.

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