The problem with doing allyship work alone

I have a serious question for you today…

Who told you that you have to do “the work” required for your allyship alone?


Who said this to you?

Doing “the work” which is the inner work on yourself around unpacking your privilege and biases, can be really hard. It can be super confronting. Annnddd even after you’ve brought awareness to the fullness of your privilege and possible problematic unconscious biases you may have about Aboriginal people or other marginalised groups, what do you do with your negative feelings of guilt, shame, sadness or anger?

This is one of the places people get stuck when they are doing “the work” alone and it leads down a slippery path to continued unpleasant emotions about self and a whole bunch of inaction.

I want to lovingly nudge you to NOT be a martyr. You don’t have to suffer through your allyship journey. Your suffering does not reduce or negate the negative impacts of racism or other forms of discrimination.

I have said it before and I will say it again…

Allyship is NOT a title, it’s a doing word!

So, if you’re not active in your allyship, you’re not an ally. It’s as blunt and simple as that.

While there may be so much desire to be a ally, martyrdom will stop you from being an ally. It will stop you from making a positive impact and will stop you from creating a more inclusive world.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to do “the work” alone. Please release any thoughts or beliefs that tell you otherwise. If you’re feeling some resistance to this, please email me and we can talk through it.

If “the work” you’re doing is bringing you emotional pain and it’s stopping you from taking meaningful allied action, please find someone to coach you through it.

If you’d like that person to be me, I’d be honoured to coach and mentor you through it on a one-to-one basis. Please reach out. Book a free clarity call with me so we can explore how I can support you.

Let’s get you to a space where you are being an ally in your life & your business and it feels really good?

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