What Amplification of marginalised voices is and what it’s not

There is a lot of confusion about what amplification of marginalised voices is and what it’s not. Often when allies believe they are amplifying marginalised voices, in reality they aren’t. And what they do is partake in the oppressive style of so-called-support that diminishes those voices and counteracts their efforts for amplification all together.

Let’s break down what is and what it isn’t.

Amplification of marginalised voices is:

  • sharing posts, videos, articles, blogs etc from the source. The source being the mariginalised person expressing their story, their thoughts, their ideas, their voice
  • sharing books written by marginalised people
  • sharing quotes by mariginalised people
  • sharing the stories, experiences, and perspectives wholly from the marginalised person

Amplification of marginalised voices is not:

  • paraphrasing quotes from marginalised people
  • condensing or summarising concepts, stories, experiences, thoughts or ideas of marginalised people
  • re-telling the story or experience in your own words
  • adding your own ideas for solutions in the conversation

Amplifying marginalised voices is about supporting that voice in its wholeness. It is powerful and sovereign and autonomous…

It does not require you to add anything to it or to censor anything out of it.

Social conditioning

Social conditioning teaches our society that people with privilege ‘should’ get a say in everything and have a right to do so **cue the freedom of speech rant so often touted by people with great privilege who unknowingly enjoy their privilege to the point that it impedes on the voices of others.**

It teaches us that people with privilege know more than everyone else and therefore they have the answers.

And it teaches people with privilege that their life experience is the only life experience there is. If a voice is shared that is different, it mustn’t be real. This image is a great depiction of what I mean.

What Amplification does

Amplification of marginalised voices is a beautiful thing to do. What it doe is:

  • it shows your support for marginalised people and communities
  • shows you respect the wholeness and completeness of those marginalised people sharing their voice and their truth
  • it supports those stories and messages having a wider reach and therefore opportunity to create positive social change

One way you can keep learning and unlearning

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I hope this has made amplifying marginalised voices clearer for you. Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, much love to you.

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