What’s Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Consulting for Small Business

Cultural diversity and inclusion consultancy in small businesses is one of those fairytale things we hear about but not many of us know what it is. If you’re a spiritually conscious, heart-centered small business owner, you’ve probably asked yourself…

“How do I create more diversity and inclusion in my business?”

It’s not easy to come up with an answer for this unless:

  • you have an understanding of what makes up a business culture
  • you know what workplace inclusion is and is not (as defined by those people who are culturally marginalised). Or…
  • you have first-hand experience of being culturally excluded.

I’m a Holistic Cultural Inclusion & Diversity consultant. I’m also a Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal woman with life long experiences of marginalisation. I see the things most businesses don’t see. I understand how invisible oppressive systems operate in business. And I know what it takes to create inclusion and diversity in all spaces. I provide small businesses with knowledge you can’t learn. Knowledge that isn’t taught anywhere in western society. I come with a lifetime of lived experiences. I come with a deep knowing of how we co-create a more inclusive world. I come with a deep spiritual connection to the land and to the people of the land. With a fresh new perspective and a heart-centered approach, I can honestly say, I’ve never come across a consultancy business that offers what I do.

My intention of supporting small businesses to create more diversity & inclusion isn’t so boxes or key performance indicators can be ticked off. It isn’t so the business can seem like it’s doing the ‘right’ thing by having diversity and inclusion targets. And it certainly isn’t to stroke the egos of business owners to feel like they are “saving” marginalised people.

I’m an Inclusion & Diversity consultant to:

  • bring awareness to those businesses of why having inclusion and diversity is needed,
  • to share how we got to this point of needing to focus on creating inclusion, and
  • and to show you how it’ll benefit you as the business owner, your business, and your clients in the most amazing way.

I’m not interested in working with businesses that want diversity & inclusion policies or targets as a tokenistic gesture. No matter how much money is thrown at me. I’m not in this industry for money. I’m in it for the innovation and progression. For compassionate social evolution. And for the positive impacts, it’ll have within our community and in each of our lives.

I have children and my intention is to create a better, more inclusive, and more accepting world where equality is more than a beautiful dream. Where it’s a doing word.

There are many different types of cultural consultants. I’m a Holistic Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Consultant. I work with each person as an individual and work with them from the inside out. Transformations of businesses into more inclusive ones comes from the inside first. Then, and only then, can the inclusive spaces be created within the business too. I work with business owners on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. I know this may sound quite esoteric but what it breaks down to being is this:

Cultural Consultancy on the Mental level:

I work with you as a small business owner and go within the recesses of your mind. Together in a safe, non-judgmental space, we look at your conscious and unconscious. We gently uncover the social conditioning that’s been invasively bombarding you since birth. We look at your unconscious biases. Together, we transform them into beliefs that are aligned with the values, beliefs, and philosophies of your authentically self.

Cultural Consultancy on a physical level:

On this level, I work with you to define the current culture of your small business. We assess the level of inclusion and diversity within it. And together we create clear, actionable steps to foster a culture of inclusion. This will naturally attract diversity to your business. We also look at (or design) a cultural inclusion & diversity policy. We’ll define your business value pillars and how diversity and inclusion compliment them. And we’ll look at how your business systems, procedures, language, and content communicate the business’ values in an inclusive and inviting way.

Cultural Consultancy on a spiritual level:

When I work with you as a small business owner, I not only bring myself, my knowledge, and my experience as a Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal woman. I also bring my spiritual team, my Aboriginal Ancestors, and the good spirits of the land with me. My team and I work with you, your spirit, and your business. When you’re feeling unsure about decisions around inclusion in business. When you think something isn’t right with your business around diversity. Or when you feel like there are things you don’t know and want to learn… that’s when your spirit is out of alignment. This is when you, your spirit, and your business aren’t on the same page. Your spirit is guiding you to find the answers. To grow and expand yourself and your business by creating space for inclusion and diversity.  My spiritual team and I work to bring you, your spirit, and your business back into harmonious alignment. Your spirit seeks to connect with all kinds of people. It seeks to accept others. It seeks to give and express love and compassion. My team and I can help facilitate that for you.

As a Holistic Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Consultant, I make sure all parts of you, your spirit, and your business are valued, seen, heard, and are brought to a place of new growth and expansion. A place where genuine inclusion sprouts. Where real connections are nurtured. And where everyone feels like they’re accepted and welcomed.

Isn’t that the type of place you want to create for yourself and your business? Isn’t that the type of place you want to create for your clients?

If your heart is saying yes to all of this, I would like to invite you to join me on a live Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Webinar for small business owners on 14th August 2020 at 11 am. It’ll be a 1-hour session. You will walk away with clear and concise actions you can take right away to start creating inclusion in your business. As a bonus, you’ll know whether cultural inclusion & diversity consultancy is what your business needs. Plus, you’ll have a good idea whether my consultancy & teaching style resonates with you.

The energy exchange to join me on the live webinar is offered as an early bird of $99 AUD. Please book your spot here.

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