Charlotte Pointeaux

Louise’s Culturally Inclusive Language is a must-do course for any white person period. Having taken cultural competency training in Australia previously, I have learnt so much more in Louise’s course than anywhere else. Louise gave me tools and insight to implement right away in my everyday, with my family, and in my business. I was able to reflect on and improve my inclusivity, understand my privilege and how to actually use that for good, and deepen my understanding around how systemic racism works – and will continue to do so long-term. Louise is an excellent teacher and held a very safe, judgement-free space for me to learn and test my understanding in a way that gave me confidence to speak up as an ally, whereas before I would have retreated out of fear of doing more harm. I am so grateful to Louise for so generously sharing her knowledge and experience – we have so much to learn about social justice from her.

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