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Uluru statement from the heart_ image 2Have you heard of the Uluru Statement from the Heart?

Have you heard of the “Uluru Statement from the Heart?  It’s a very short one-page document created by the Aboriginal community throughout Australia.  The Aboriginal community outline three ways they believe Australia can move forward with reconciliation.

This document is a monumental document that should mark a milestone in history.  Strangely, a massive amount of Australians haven’t heard of it.  Do you think there might be a reason for that?

Every Australian has a right to know about significant documents like this. Read more about it here and let me know what you think.

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jason-rosewell-60014-unsplash-voiceRaising Our Voices: In Support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Raising Our Voices: In Support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Read my guest blogger, Brendan Mahoney’s story & why he, as a white Anglo-Saxon Australian supports the Uluru Statement & a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice. Read Brendan’s story here!

privilegeI’m Privileged, But I’m Not… Are you in the Same Boat?

You’ve heard about “privilege” but not sure what it’s really about. This is a great starting point for understanding it. There’s also a short quiz at the end so you can asses your privilege. Learn more about privilege & take the quiz here!

eddie mabo3 Life Lessons Mabo Taught Me…26 years after his death

Eddie Mabo and the Mabo decision made Australian history when the High Court of Australia ruled in favour of Mabo, making Terra Nullius an Australian fiction. Find out what I learned from Mabo Here!

This blog caught the attention of Amnesty International Australia and was republished on their website.

pexels-photo-736428-e1527414138553.jpegCrowning Comes Second to the Importance of Sorry Day

It was my crowning night for Miss NAIDOC but this day was so much more important than that.  It was Sorry Day.  A day just for the Stolen Generation. Learn more about Sorry Day Here! 

Guest Blogging…

Louise’s latest guest blog contribution is about harnessing fear to live an extraordinary life for newly launch website How Dare She? for strong, inspirational and daring women to share their stories.

pexels-photo-906024.jpegClaiming Power Through Embracing Fear

There is something so powerful in doing the things we fear. My grandfather used to say “the only thing you should fear is fear itself.” And he was right!   Read the full blog here!

Joyce Clague_ lablelled for reuseFive Amazing Aboriginal Women Who Shaped History

There are so many phenomenal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women that have changed Australia for the better. Here are 5 brief stories of achievement!   Read the full blog here!

Louise is also a freelance writer for Amnesty International Australia (AIA).  This is one of Louise’s guest blogs for AIA.

A bit about Louise

Louise O’Reilly is new to the world of writing, public speaking, and human rights campaigning but she doesn’t let that (or anything else) hold her back. She is a loving mother, a devoted wife and entrepreneur with a successful business. Louise has a deep and powerful calling to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, youth and children and to speak up against the wrongs done to others.

Louise O'Reilly 1111

Louise’s humanitarian-based writing gravitates towards Aboriginal affairs in Australian politics, human rights activism and reconciliation. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and good-old-fashioned research.  Her other written wonders, focus on self-empowerment, getting perspective and changing mindsets.

Louise advocates for equality through love and respect for others. Believing the key is connectedness to ourselves, to others and to the universe that we live in.

Today, Louise is actively involved in campaigning for the implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian constitution. Along with her strong and dedicated team, Louise is elevating the voice of her people within the Uluru Statement and lobbying for constitutional reform by putting it to the people through a referendum.

Louise is not afraid to let her inner warrior out… even if it means she must first stand alone.

Woodman Point photo by Shane O'Reilly JPEGThe Journey Begins

Want to find out why Louise changed her career direction from outdoors cinema hire entrepreneurship to write? Everything from dreams to changing the world.  Find out here!

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