My Gift To You: A Free Downloadable Fortune Teller

Yes! You heard right, I have a Free downloadable fortune teller I would like to gift to you.

Find out why it’s an amazing tool to have in your life below!

Why a fortune teller?

If you know me, you would also know that I do not believe in coincidences. Everything we experience happens for a reason. Messages in a fortune teller are no exception. Though by having a fortune teller that is in sync with your values, your conscious awareness will be sparked by the what you write in your fortune teller. The values that are important to you will be at the forefront of your mind.

Such a simple tool can be very powerful to aid you in keeping your focus on the things that matter to you. When feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what you could do next, you can turn to your fortune teller for some guidance and clarity (of course your discernment in every situation, though I doubt you will need to). Fill out your fortune teller when you your have a clear mind about the values that are most important to you. This way, in moments of confusion, feeling lost or overwhelmed, it can assist you into gaining perspective and realigning with your authentic self and beliefs.

I myself have found fortune tellers to be extremely useful both in business and in my personal life as my values are the same for both. It has given me a gentle reminder of who I am, what I stand for and why I am here. Sometime I have found myself in such overwhelm and anxiety about decisions. I then utilise my fortune teller and the answer is always the thing that I needed to hear.

In fact, I think they are such a great tool that I have four fortune tellers that stay on my office desk permanently. The oldest one is about three years old. I have more than one as I have found as I have grown and developed personally and spiritually, my development has lead me to focus on new values. When I feel those values are now part of my core and that I no longer require an external reminder to activate that value within me, I create a new one.

I must also mention that it was a very good friend of mine that re-introduced me to fortune tellers while attending one of her marketing and self development retreats. I had not even seen a fortune teller since primary or secondary schooling. So thank you to Ming, for the reintroduction. I am very grateful for this tool and for you showing me how to use it in an empowering way.

Now, I am here to share that same gift with you today. I hope that you find as much use and joy out of it as I have.

Please find my gift to you below as a Free downloadable fortune teller below (click on the image and download from there). How to customise you fortune teller and how to make it can be found further down the page.

Click here to get access to your Free Fortune Teller. A gift from me to you!

How to customise your Free Downloadable Fortune Teller:

How to make you Free Downloadable Fortune Teller:

How to use your Free Downloadable Fortune Teller:

Turn your sound on 🙂

I hope you love your new fortune teller and it brings you clarity and re-connection to your true self during times of overwhelm, anxiety and confusion.

I also hope it brings you joy and a bit of fun too!

Until next time,

Much love, joy and peace to you.

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2 thoughts on “My Gift To You: A Free Downloadable Fortune Teller

  1. Will I ever move again and were too and when


    1. Hi Lee, I’m not a fortune teller but I know that the choice is absolutely yours. Whatever it is that you choose, I hope it fills you with so much happiness and joy!


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