The Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Online Program

Connecting to your authentic self, going on a self-discovery journey and ultimately unearthing your life purpose is part of my purpose for being.  I bring into my life, people that feel lost in their life, that have no direction.  A few of these people know within their core that they are here for a reason.  They are meant to be doing something meaningful with their lives but they they don’t know what.  And they don’t know where to get the answers. Sometimes these people feel as if they don’t know who they are and they have lost that connection with themselves that they can no longer identify what they do and don’t like. Some of these people feel that they’re living life on auto-pilot.  That their lives are so routine and predictable that they can do it with their eyes closed.

I have been put here to empower people to connect with their authentic selves, to guide them through the self-discovery journey and to evoke inner realization of their life purpose. I am here to open people’s eyes and enable them to see their own truths with crystal clear clarity. I am here to show you just how powerful you are and how powerful your purpose is.

Why Journaling is a Great Option

When I work with and guide people along this journey, I always encourage them to write their experiences and thoughts down.  To journal them.  I request they journal for three reasons.

  1. The flowing pen movement can activate their creative side of the brain which allows for messages and thoughts to come through that would usually be filtered out by the logical side of the brain
  2. It gets ideas, thoughts and feelings out of the thought realm and into their reality.  This open up opportunity to manifest positive thoughts, ideas and feelings into their physical reality. It also acknowledges the negative thoughts and feelings as valid and real, therefore giving that person the choice of learning the required lessons, gaining perspective, and letting go of them if they are no longer serving them.
  3. The experiences, feelings and thoughts that pop into our heads when doing inner work are giving us clues.  These clues could be how to heal ourselves or how to make the situations we are in better.  They could also be giving clues about that persons life purpose and giving guidance on taking the next step in life.  The clues may not make sense at the time, but they will at the right time.

I found that a lot of people just didn’t know where to start with journaling.  There was confusion, apprehension and some misunderstanding of the role journaling has in personal growth and inner work.

Because I want to serve the human race to the best of my ability with the skills and knowledge I have, it was a natural progression to create a guided journaling service. I am very excited to share with you my 30-day Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Online Program

What’s in a name? Why is it called the Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Program

The Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Journey is a 30-day guided journaling experience based on the moon cycle from a new moon to the following new moon.  There are a few reasons why it’s themed around the moon.  I had been working on this guided journaling program for a little while and I felt the urge to invite another spiritual being or energy source to bless my journaling program, and to bless and guide all the people involved.  I felt called to invite the moon in because of its strong creative energies as well as symbolic duality. The light and dark side of the moon.  This sits nicely with us being able to connect creatively with our authentic self. Plus the inner work includes looking at our light and shadow side of  our self as well as bring awareness to our conscious and unconscious mind.

The Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling program is a journey.  One you complete it, you will not be in the same place you started at.  I make no guarantees that it’ll be a smooth straight road.  It may be a bumpy, winding journey.  Inner work is very often confronting and can bring up negative feelings and emotions.  It can also bring out unbelievably beautiful and joyous ones too.

This is where the energy of the moon, evolution and the journaling journey roadmap merge.  The different moon phases also represents the phases of life. 


The new moon (the day that the Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Journey begins) represents infancy.  In this phase of the journaling journey, it will be all about self-discovery and learning.  Getting reacquainted with yourself at the core and pulling back some of the social conditioning that’s been covering you up.


The Waxing Crescent, also known as the 1st Quarter represents youth and adolescence.  This might possibly be the most difficult phase of the jounaling program because it will centre around locating those inner conflicts and analysing them. Inner questions will be asked that may not have very been asked before.  You may feel resistance through this phase and it would be completely normal.  This will be a good test to see how committed you are to your journey and finding your life purpose.  There will be lots of realisations and ah-ha moments here.


The time of the Full moon is when we reach our maturity and is also symbolic of pregnancy.  Don’t worry you won’t fall pregnant by completing this program. Haha.  This phase of the online journaling program is my favourite.  Because it’s about understanding the lessons deeply and creation. You will have new and exciting ideas for your life that are aligned with your authentic self or life purpose.  These ideas will symbolically be the baby you will be pregnant with.  They will be nurtured and will grow.  This is such a fun phase because you can be as creative and as imaginative as you want.  No limits.  Here I will also share with you how to manifest these ideas into reality using the law of attraction. So make sure you keep going through the Waxing Crescent phase so you can utilize this magnificent law to its full advantage.


The Waning Crescent is the final phase of the moon and also the journaling program.  This phase is also known as the 4th Quarter and represents the end of life and sleep.  Again, you won’t literally die during this phase but you will metaphorically.  During this phase of the journaling program you will be guided through acceptance and release.  It’s a time to reflect on all the new information, self-discovery and life purpose clues that may have revealed themselves to you.  To ponder your ideas and creations of the last phase. And most importantly it will be a time for you to decide what no longer serves you and to let go of anything that is no longer aligned with who you really are or your life purpose.


The Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling program will conclude on the 2nd New Moon.  At this point, you would have shed your old self and old thinking.  You will now be transformed into a sparkly new person with new tools and techniques to navigate inner work and personal and spiritual growth.  And you will have some clues to what your life purpose or soul mission is.  You will have direction.  You will also walk away with wonderful new ideas and designs for your new life that is aligned with your authentic self… And knowledge of how to manifest it in your life!

If you would like to find out more about the 30-day Lunar Cycle Guided Online Journaling program you can read more about it here.

BONUS- Because why not?!

All Australian Participants of the Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling Online program will receive one of these journals delivered to their front door to complete their Journaling journey in.

What’s a Guided Journaling Program without a Journal just for the occasion?? As part of the program, Australian residents will also receive a beautiful hardcover journal delivered to their front door.

If you are interested in embarking on this Guided Journaling Journey, I’m offering an Early Bird offer of 35% OFF until 20th March 2019 (Western Australian Standard Time).  You can book your spot below. (oh and I’m only opening this up for 10 people).

 I hope that you are one of the 10.

Until next time, much love, joy and peace to you.

35% OFF 30-Day Lunar Cycle Guided Journaling (Early Bird Price)

Early bird offer available until 20th March (Australian Western Standard Time). 10 spots available.



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