Three Lessons About Perspective

We all go through struggles from time-to-time. That type of struggle that consumes us and can interfere with our whole day, week or month. Struggle is something that inhibits our ability to connect to our higher-self or authentic-self. Ultimately it puts a block in the way of us receiving clues to what our life purpose is.

This is why perspective is such a beautiful thing in our world. Perspective allows us to step outside of ourselves and our current situation to look at things from a different viewpoint… a different perspective.

Recently, I helped someone who was struggling. It was a pure intention to empower this person to move through a struggle. Some people caught wind of this and managed to publicly twist it into something horrible. Honestly, I was shocked that people would turn such a beautiful thing into something negative. That shock lasted around half the day, it hindered me, and my decisions. It occupied my mind and lowered my frequency to a point where I was no longer operating from a place of love.

Perspective is what got me back to my usual self!

I was fortunate to receive three messages from the universe about perspective.


The first piece of perspective I got was from a concerned friend who noticed that I wasn’t being myself. She reminded me that “these are just teachings to bring out your best self to support [my] purpose”. I am grateful for this amazing friend and her wise words. Sometimes the lessons are not always clear. They could be lessons that you need to learn as you are today. Or they could be lessons that you need to learn from traumas you carried from a young age. To live an aligned life, it’s up to us to find out what the root cause is. To work through it and release ourselves from it.


The second bit of perspective I got was a photo that happened to be in my newsfeed. It’s one of those photos that takes your breath away with its beauty. I can’t show you the picture as it’s a paid copyrighted image but I can describe it. It was a close-up photo of a dandelion with its seeds at the bottom of the photo, looking up into a beautiful blue sky. There was dew on the dandelion which look like large crystal orbs of water. This reminded me about neutrality. That there are no good or bad situations. As the dandelion is, so is each situation. The experience I had was not good nor bad. It simply was. It can only become one or the other by the meanings that I put on it.


The third and final message of perspective I had was when I walked outside my home a little before bedtime. I was taken back by how clear the night sky was. We’ve had very warm nights for some time now which makes the night sky a little cloudy. It was the first cool night we’ve had and this sky was crisp and clear. I could see thousands more stars than I have been able to in recent months. As I stood there looking out into the universe, I was reminded of two things. How small my struggle is in the grand scheme of the universe we are all connected to. And how lucky we are to be experiencing a human existence on our stunning planet.

How lucky we are to be experiencing a human existence on our stunning planet? (Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash)

These three experiences enabled me to turn my struggle mountain into a molehill. They taught me many things. That every experience I have is a customised lesson designed specifically for me. That I have wonderful friends that are here to walk with me along my life journey. That the experiences we have are defined by the meanings we give to them. By putting negative associations with our experiences, we’re choosing to give away our power.

Simultaneously our thoughts and actions are profound and minuscule. They can profoundly impact our world and our realities. While being a drop in the ocean in comparison to our place in the universe.

I hope that by sharing my experience and learnings recently about perspective, has helped you in some way.

Oh, and I have a super easy way to wash those negative emotions from you. This one is for those of you that like do physical actions to release emotion and unwanted energies. It’s really convienient too as most of us already do this at least once a week so you wouldn’t be adding anything to your normal week. But this beauty is saved just for my Facebook group. (Read below if you’d like to join).

If you’d like to learn practical ways to deal with struggle on a spiritual level to uncover your life purpose, join my women’s only Facebook group. There I share activities and resources to assist you along your life purpose journey. I also provide support for women who are committed to finding and fulfilling their purpose. I‘d love to have you there.

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Until next time, much love, joy and peace to you! 

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4 thoughts on “Three Lessons About Perspective

  1. Perspective is massively important! Like Tony Robbins says, we can’t control what happens to us, but our power comes from controlling our response. I have to remind myself of this often, as I struggle with working a job that drains and infuriated me as we build our businesses. Though I have been tempted to “get a better job,” I have decided that I don’t want to find not another job ever, and want to make our businesses our full time gig. Keeping my Why in mind helps me be able control my emotional state during this transitional time. I know if I don’t keep my calm about me, this will hamper me from being able to fun our dream. Thanks for sharing an important reminder.


    1. Absolutely! We control our response. Meaning we choose our response and therefore we can stay strong in our power and not give it away. I have found, allowing a pause time to assess how I think or feel about situations is quite helpful in giving me perspective too. Congratulations on working on your businesses, for knowing your why and keeping it close. That’s often the hardest part for business owners. Sounds like you’re gonna rock it!!


  2. Great Article about perspective. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture has worked wonders for me. It allows me not to take things too personally and have more empathy!


    1. Absolutally. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own feelings and stories that we forget that each experience is more than just about us. Thank you for your great comment!


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