The First Step Towards Your Life Purpose

Resolve is part of unearthing your life purpose or soul mission. Deciding to do the work required for finding your inner calling is integral to its discovery. If you’re currently searching for your life purpose, that’s a sign you’ve lost your way… And that’s completely ok! Almost all of us do as we grow up. It’s part of our life journey to work out why we are here. To find out the role we’re here to fulfil.

The path to realising your life purpose can be challenging, even painful at times. It involves much inner work which can bring up painful memories. Letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you can be difficult to navigate. This is why resolve is an important step in the process.

The good news is because this post has appeared in your life, it’s a fair indication you’re ready to make that choice. You are ready to make a commitment to yourself that you will put in the time and effort to reveal your life purpose. You can make that choice right now.

My time of resolve happened on my 29th birthday. I decided to go on a journey of self-discovery. Although there have been some trials along the way. I’m very grateful that I made that decision. My life is 1,000 times better than it’s ever been and the level of love, joy and peace I have in my life is something I hadn’t felt before.
It’s something that I want to share with others. Like you.
Let me know if you’ve made the commitment to find your life purpose by leaving a comment below.
For the ladies, if you’ve made that decision and are looking for guidance along the way, come join my brand-spanking-new Facebook group “Life Purpose Discovery for Goddesses, Queens and Warriors (whichever suits you best)”.
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4 thoughts on “The First Step Towards Your Life Purpose

  1. Louise, this is such an interesting post, and one many people will surely be able to relate to! I was very lost a year or so ago, but have gradually been finding my way again. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment, Alexandra. Life is never a straight line. We go one way and may start to lose our way, then we take a new direction and see where that leads us. We can never go wrong if our heart is leading the way. 🙂


  2. Very relatable post and well written, nice job. I have a similar niche and understand the importance of wanting to uplift myself and others. It’s necessary today more than ever.


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