I was Almost Bitten by a Snake…and I’m Thankful.

Coming face-to-face with a snake reminded me some life lessons.

Yes. I was almost bitten by a snake one early morning last month.

My family and I went out camping for the night to reconnect with nature and to enjoy the last of the school holidays.

It was first thing in the morning. I was walking to find a private spot as nature was calling (sorry, too much info there). Anyhow, while I was walking all I was thinking about was how tired and stiff I was from the night before. How terrible I was feeling about the situation of an unwell family member.


I was walking along when I heard a rustle near my feet. I glance down to see a black snake around 1.7-1.8m long standing up and preparing to strike me. Instinctively I took a massive side-step.  I calmly stood still and as it was no longer within striking distance. I knew it was venomous and knew the importance of making the right decisions in this situation. Yay for snake handling training and park ranger type role employment of a past lifetime. I watched as it lowered its head back onto the ground and continue on its way.

I’m uncertain of the type of snake it is but believe it was either a Western Brown Snake or a Dugite. From a first aid perspective, I know how to deal with snake bites. I also knew that had I been bitten, time and ability to keep my heart rate as low as possible would not be on my side. I was a fair distance from my campsite, and I was alone.  Not only that but it was also over an hour drive to the nearest hospital. So not an ideal situation!

I am thankful that I was not bitten and because of this, I am thankful for this experience. I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Yesterday the snake and I were there at that moment for a reason.

Mr snake was there to remind me of these important life lessons:


Walking along that path, I was not aware of anything going on around me. Not even a… Large. Black. Snake… which I almost stepped on. Being present allows you to not only keep yourself safe, but also to live in the moment and enjoy your life journey. A happy fulfilled life can’t be achieved without being present.

be present in the moment
Be present in the moment.



I was so focused on myself and how I was feeling (physically and emotionally). My thoughts and consideration for others became a blur in the background. When we only think of ourselves. We can become trapped within. Spending too much time within ourselves can increase our risk of mental illnesses.

staying grounded
It’s important to stay grounded.


Watching the snake lower itself back on the ground reminded me that I need to say grounded too. With all my worries swirling around in my head. I realised I was only using my brain and not my heart, my gut or my hand. No wonder I was feeling so bad!

So, thank you to the Universe and Mr snake for sending me that reminder. It has been graciously received.

Have you ever had an experience where you thought you were being taught or reminded of a life lesson? I’d love to hear about the experience and the lesson you got out of it. Let me know by replying below.

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